VG_A visual example of birth and death rates.

In another example ("Using Video Gogh to create a graphic style") we showed an example of creating some animated flowers.



Movie 1: The above movie shows and animated source movie which will be used to place custom brushes that have the shape of flowers.




Movie 2: In the above movie, flower-shaped custom brushes are used, with an "extra distance between brushes" of 0.1 (to allow for each individual brush to be seen as a distinct flower). Note that as Video Gogh determines that brushes need to be eliminated (because there are too many in an area) or need to be created (because there are not enough brushes in an area) that the brushes slowly grow on or shrink away. This is because in this movie the default "Birth grow rate" and "Death die rate" are set to the default values of 5 and 5 respectively, causing the brushes to grow into existence (or shrink into non-existence) over 5 frames.




Movie 3: In above movie the birth and death rates are set to 1 frame, causing new brushes to be created in one frame, or destroyed in one frame. This causes the flowers to pop on an off.