VG_Using Video Gogh to enhance a graphic style

Using Video Gogh to enhance a graphic style.

This tutorial expands material provided in the documentation with practical step by step example on what might be a non-obvious use of Video Gogh that is more graphic in nature, and uses custom brushes.

Movie 1: Source movie.

Movie 2: Keyed, over black.

Movie 3: Matte of keyed movie.

Movie 4: Matte extended (using any number of techniques to extend the matte)

Movie 5: Extended matte used as a track matte for an orange layer, with color noise added.

Figure 6: Custom brush, with red-green brush mode (red layer is used as a matte, with sampled color from image, then that sample color has a bit of noise added to it and is composited over the image in a second pass, using the green layer of the brush as a matte). NOTE: black areas of brush image have zero alpha.

Movie 7: Video gogh with flower brush, applied to noised-up orange layer. The noise in the source image makes the main color of the flower vary from brush to brush, and also adds a bit of movement independent of the motion of the orange shape, which adds a bit of life. An 'extra distance between brushes" value of 0.1 was used so that the flowers did not render right next to each other, destroying the ability to read each brush as a single flower.

Movie 8: Original keyed movie compositied on top.

Movie 9: Cartoonized version of keyed movie, applied on top (cartooning not explained here).