How do I get motion vectors out of my 3D system?

You can extract motion vectors which are compatible with ReelSmart Motion Blur from some host applications by using third-party plugins.

Our tools cannot use the motion vector images unless they represent pixel motion in screen space, so you must extract the vectors from a space in which you still have access to the whole 3D scene.

For RE:Vision Effects products, 0.5 of Motion Blur is 180 shutter open if the Motion Vectors represent a full frame interval. We suggest the following simple test, prepared by Dan Rosen of Evil Pictures, to see if you are using a 3D renderer which is compatible with ReelSmart 3D Motion Blur.

You should read all related documentation from RE:Vision Effects, the plugin producer, and the host application before beginning production

We publish methods that are currently available and that don't entail you writing your own motion vector shader. If you have information on other methods, please let us know so that we can update this FAQ (you can email us at: techsupport (at) revisionfx (dot) com).

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Maya, Max, Lightwave, Softimage, Cinema4D