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RE:Flex After Effects

RE:Flex for After Effects

RE:Flex Warper Basics in AE - part 1

RE:Flex Warper Basics in AE - part 2

RE:Flex Warp Moving Imagery in AE

RE:Flex Morph Still-To-Still in AE

RE:Flex for AE - Morph using Varying Dissolve Rates

RE:Flex for AE - Cross Morphed Dissolves

RE:Flex Morph - Morphing between moving images

RE:Flex for AE - Morphing in layers for better results

RE:Flex for AE - Morph with Auto Align and Smart Blend

RE:Flex for AE - Morphing to replace missing frames

RE:Flex for AE - Creating Seamless Transitions

Using RE:Flex Warp with Mocha’s tracking of open splines

RE:Flex - Moving Morph:Morphing between Moving Images - ex.2

RE:Flex for AE - Moving Morph using per-spline blending and warping controls