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Autograph: Getting Started

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Autograph: Getting Started

In this first tutorial, we'll go over Autograph's interface and main principles:

0:00 Intro

0:28 Interface

1:03 Importing graphic elements

2:12 Adding a composition and managing the format

3:41 How to use the Viewer

6:08 Adding layers in the Stack and managing parameters

7:45 Autograph's coordinate system

8:25 Transformation Widget

12:30 Reformatting using the Reader

14:06 Display mode of multidimensional parameters

15:58 Inspecting channels

17:00 Visual Stack and overlays

18:03 Animating layers with keyframes

21:34 Copying keyframes and links between parameters

23:12 Adding Modifiers

24:21 Graph Editor and interpolation types

25:36 Linking parameters

26:45 Layer motion blur

29:00 Replacing a Source

30:44 Adding a generator

32:09 Navigating the Properties Panel

32:44 Gradient parameters

33:40 Adding an image Modifier

35:32 Other types of Modifiers

37:10 Infinite space and time

37:42 Opacity and blending modes

38:40 Animating using the Animator modifier

40:30 Managing Time Offset

42:00 Conclusion