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Motion Vectors

This set of Tutorials addresses Motion Vectors, what they mean, how to render them.

Motion Vectors are supported by many RE:Vision Effects tools.

How to use V-Ray Velocity pass with RSMB

Arnold Motion Vectors Settings

MV out of Maya with Arnold

Using Reel Smart Motion Blur with modo 701 outputs in Nuke & After Effects

Exporting 3d renders out of C4D for our plugins : Part 1 - Motion Vectors and UV Maps

How do I get motion vectors out of my 3D system?

I'd like to see the math behind your motion vectors

How is alpha used in your motion vectors?

What is the motion vector format for RE:Vision Effects' products?

How La Maison's Mental Ray plugin works with RE:Vision Effects plugins

Motion Vectors Out of Maya - video 1 to 4