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RE:Lens Defish and Superfish

RE:Lens Defish and Superfish

In this tutorial, you will see several examples where you will see different kinds of lens and which RE:Lens tool to use for what purpose.

Cameras and lenses used:

Ex. 1) - (00:15) Wide-angle lens used on GH4: Panasonic 7-14mm f/4 

       Beating the edge of frame over-stretching with Defish

Ex. 2) - (01:29) Anamorphic Lens used on GH 4: SLR Magic Anamorphic-Cine 2X 50mm T2.8 MFT

       Non-Square Pixel Aspect Ratio, Anamorphic process

Ex. 2.A) - GoPro Hero 4 Black Superview Mode

Ex. 3) - (06:05) Full Frame Fisheye project-Lens used: Panasonic Lumix 8mm fisheye on GH4

        Full Frame Fisheye and RE:Lens Defish

Ex. 4) - (07:06) Circular Fisheye - Lens: Sigma 4.5mm f 2.8 DC HSM Fisheye for Canon

        Circular Fisheye lenses and RE:Lens Superfish

Ex. 4.A) - With Kipon Adapter

Ex. 4.B) - With Metabones Adapter

Ex. 5) - (11:10) Super Fisheye Lenses - Lens: Superfish lens by Entanya Entapano 280deg. on Back-Bone Ribcage

       - Superfish Lenses