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Motion Vectors Out of Maya - video 1 to 4

Motion Vectors Out of Maya - video 1 to 4

The following videos Motion Vectors out of Maya is a set of 4 tutorials prepared by Arkadiy Demchenko.

Many of RE:Vision Effects tools support motion vectors inputs including: ReelSmart Motion Blur, SmoothKit Directional, RE:Map Displace, Video Gogh, Twixtor Motion Vectors In.

This process will be useful to RE:Vision Effects users in Shake, Maya and Max Composite, Nuke, Fusion, After Effects, Combustion and others.

01_Basics I. This video explains how to install a special shader to
render motion vectors with Mental Ray.

02_Basics II. In this tutorial we review some theory on how to render motion vectors properly and show a couple of tricks and things to keep an eye on. The tutorials are done in Maya 2009 but will apply to

03_Example I. Simple example scene with an animated spider. Using lm2DMV shader as well as Maya 2009+ passes system to get motion vectors.

04_Example II. Another example scene with a tower blowing up into pieces. Only Maya 2009+ passes system is used in this example.

A set of Maya scene project files to test the content of this tutorial by yourself and compare your results is maintained here:
The 2009 scenes can be uploaded directly in 2011 without issues.

P.S. Keep in mind that Sun&Sky system used in this scene creates a gamma correction lens shader for your camera that needs to be disabled / disconnected if you want to render the scene with lm2DMV shader. Passes on the other hand will ignore it, so no need to bother then.

Arkadiy maintains the blog about Maya and his work.